About Fisher Farms

Welcome to Fisher Farms. Our story began in 1981 when we produced 55,000 1-gallon containers. Today we produce over 3.5 million plants each year on 125 acres in Gaston Oregon.

We market and sell to retail garden centers, rewholesalers, and growers throughout the Intermountain Region, Midwest, East Coast, Northwest, and Northern California.

We ship over 400 semi-truck loads per year of high quality plant material.  We carry an inventory of over 7 million plants annually.

We produce over 750 varieties of evergreen, broadleaf, deciduous, and perennial plants in containers.  We also grow many varieties as B&B.

The one nursery site utilizes 5 ponds for irrigation.  Total pump capacity at maximum operation is 3600 gallons per minute.  We fully recycle our water, which is treated with the latest ozonation technology to ensure the cleanest water possible for re-use in irrigation.

As we receive your early order we incorporate the requested items into our current production plan. This gives us a year's head-start in creating the plant material you need for the future. Much of the plant material you see at the nursery exists as a result of long-term growing contracts.

After we have completed our Fall inventory we advise you of any changes to your order, and mail confirmations the third week of November. Paying attention to detail enables us to have your confirmed order ready when you want to ship it.

Mission Statement

In partnership with our customers, we grow and provide the highest quality nursery stock, honoring our commitments, while focusing towards the professional in the horticultural industry.

We earn trust and partnership by providing a consistent, reliable supply of value-added nursery stock that results from cost benefits, and service rendered to the customer.

Profiting by principles of integrity, hard work, ingenuity, and technological advancement, we empower and enhance the lives of those who are members of the Fisher Farms team.