Proven Winners

The Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrub brand was created to provide garden center retailers with faster sales and better margins while providing consumers with less effort.

There are a great number of new and exciting plants in the program. Each was selected based on a strict criteria that makes Proven Winners® ColorChoice® a unique and powerful product line for retailers and re-wholesalers.

Because the brand carefully selects the plants that provide lots of color and performance, assuring success, consumers know and trust the Proven Winners® brand , making it the number one plant brand in North America.

While no plant is perfect, PW selects plants that exhibit the greatest number of key characteristics that dictate success. As a result, PW ColorChoice is changing the way people view flowering shrubs. While people have typically viewed shrubs as the backbone of the garden, our shrubs are so colorful, so attractive and so unique, they have found a home in the front of the garden, on patios, everywhere in the landscape.

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® packaging, displays and point of purchase materials, along with their website designed for growers, garden centers and consumers, makes it easy to choose what plants you want and where to buy them.The website contains useful and dynamic information for consumers.

So offer your customers the brand that is more than just a fancy tag. Proven Winners® ColorChoice® has brought all the pieces together to give retailers and gardeners unprecedented success.